10 Reasons why you NEED your own representation when buying new construction!

    Why do you need your own agent when there is always an agent already on site?

    Use an agent but not the builders agent!

    Because “that’s the builder’s agent” and they are only under obligation to the builder.

    The housing market is “HOT, HOT, HOT” right now in Nashville, Brentwood, and Franklin, TN!

    1 million people are projected to move here in the next 10 years!

    Going new construction can mean less frustration.                                                        

    When you go resale it means 

    dealing with multiple offers on occasion. 

    Brentwood Townhomes "Taramore"

     There is NEW construction going up everywhere!

    Don’t go with out your agent and here’s why.

     Reasons why to use an agent in new construction

     NOT to use the builder’s agent

    and a lot of reasons to bring your own!

    #1 That agent was hired by the builder for the builder!

    That means the agent represents “THE BUILDER” not the buyer.

    #2 The Builder gives other “agents incentives” to offer to their clients. 

    That means that the builder wants “other” agents to bring in their clients to buy their houses so they offer special incentives for the agents to give to their buyers in hopes that they will bring them to their homes. You will never hear that from the builder’s agent!

    #3 “LOT placement” Do you know about resale and what lots are best?

    Certain lots will get better resale.  Having your own representation can actually save you money when you go to resale the house years down the road.  An experienced agent can help you choose your lot wisely and strategically. 

    #4 Builders Financing Incentives – Are they a trick?

    Yes, they offer incentives but what’s the catch? Yes, there certainly is one. You may be getting a credit but 9 times out of ten they raise your rate to compensate for it. In the long run, you actually pay more through your monthly mortgage payment due to the higher rate. Agents have relationships with several lenders that can not only give credits to you but also give you a lower rate. 

    #5 The contract – sooooo many pages! Do you know what your signing?

    The contract is written up by an attorney to protect the builder. If you have an experienced agent on your side you will have help deciphering through it and be able to ask key questions to the builder. Key policies, that could come into play if there are issues down the road, can be pointed out that you didn’t think about. 

    #6 Did they skimp on something to build it faster?

    Homes are going up so fast and builders make more money the faster they can build! Workers intentionally cut corners to build faster. I cannot tell you how many times we found out a couple walls didn’t get insulated because they didn’t take the time to do it. Your experienced agent knows what to watch out for and when to inspect stages yourself. 

    #7 Do you know what the process is in new construction?

    An experienced agent can help you through the entire process and alert you to potential problems. 

    #8 An experienced agent will have access to ALL new construction!

    You know you want new construction but how do you find one without driving around all day looking for them? If you have any experienced agent with the right tools they can take you to all the construction offices that have lots and floor plans available in your price range! We have all the right tools and you can see the floor plans before you even go out to the site. 

    #9 It’s shiny, new, and pretty! 

    However, is it in an area that will make you money later?

    Your experienced agent can help you navigate through areas and find the highest appreciating areas for one of the largest purchases of your life. Get the best investment available. 

    #10 Upgrades! 

    Your experienced agent can usually negotiate

    a free upgrade in some cases! 

    Find a realtor to buy a new construction home

    Buying New Home Construction shouldn’t be scary and we are here to help you.

    I didn’t even tell you the best part, How much it costs! Nothing! It’s FREE!

    Builder's pay your agent fees!

    The builder pays your agent and NO it doesn’t  get added onto the price. 

    NO JOKE! It’s free to you!

    Free agent respresentation

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    Over 10 years of experience helping our clients buy and sell homes!

    We are here to help make one of the biggest purchases

    of your life smooth and easy!

    Our clients are clients for life!


    You must have your agent present when you first come in! Don’t go without your agent!

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